I've been creating book covers for several years, here are a few of my favourite commissions from the last twelve months

Covers For A Cure #1

I created three covers for this year's Keystroke Medium 'Covers For A Cure' charity auction, of which this was the first. 


Covers For A Cure #2

The proceeds from the auction all go to a good cause, decided before the event. Previous causes have included Parkinsons UK and American Diabetes Research.



Covers For A Cure #3

This year the proceeds went a little closer to home. A serving police officer and good friend of Keystroke Medium is terminally ill with cancer, and the money raised went towards making things a little easier for him and his family.



Birthright Series Cover 1

I This was the first of a 3 book re-cover commission. The author wanted stronger covers to re-launch his existing books. The first book in a series is the most important one, so I kicked it off with one of my personal favourite covers to date!



Birthright Series Cover 2

The second Birthright re-cover.  This has more than a little 'Starship Troopers' vibe!



Birthright Series Cover 3

This cover ended up with the figures in more of a relaxed pose; the large armour model  was VERY bulky, and limited the possible poses quite considerably.




The first book in bestselling author Devon C Ford's new 'Expansion' sci fi series.




Book 2 in the Expansion series. This cover was tricky to get just the client wanted, but great fun to make and more than worth the effort.




The cover for the Expansion series book 3. This features a rather large, rather angry alien!



The penultimate cover for Devon Ford's expansion universe, and the first cover I made after switching renderer. I learned a lot making this one.




The last Expansion novel cover. I'd hoped Devon would want the main spaceship on a cover somewhere, and here we are!



A cover for an excellent military science fiction anthology featuring some of the biggest names in indie science fiction right now.




The debut book by Dust Publishing, an anthology by top indie talent set on a future city built into an asteroid. Much of this was painted by hand rather than the usual 3D models.




I was lucky enough to be asked to cover Felix R Savage's new science fiction series! Felix commissioned an entire photoshoot for the characters to be featured on multiple covers.




Not one of my most recent covers, but one of the most sucessful. Hey, it's a spaceship and a planet, the two best ingredients for space opera covers!



The second of two covers I delivered for the amazing Yanezs'. I really hope I get to work with them again in the future.


A part 3d, part photo, part painted cover for the first book in Peter Nealen's excellent Unity Wars series.



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